Thursday, June 7, 2012

Riley's Science Fair and Birthday

 Riley had to do a science fair project for school.  I didn't want to do the usual volcano so I was racking my brain to come up with a project.  One night while eating dinner it came to me.  Riley is always asking me to cool down his dinner for him and we do it a lot of different ways.  Sometimes I blow and stir.  Sometimes we put it in the freezer and sometimes I just dish it out first and let it sit. So, we decided to test which method worked the best.  We used a thermometer and timed it.  We made hot chocolate and found that stirring and blowing cooled it down the fastest.  We made a line graph and a bar graph of our findings.  They didn't give any awards but I think if the had, Riley would have gotten one.
  It was a good project.  I think I will like having a kid in school to do fun projects with.

Riley decided he wanted to have a Ninjago (lego ninjas) birthday party.  I made these cupcakes for Riley's class the day of his birthday.

The girl in the pink is Riley's friend Angie.  He has a little crush on her.  She is a cutie.

 Riley has been dying to eat at a Chinese Restaurant so we decided to go for his birthday. 
I made headbands for all the kids and Reid and Riley couldn't wait to put them on.
 Here is the kid sushi for the party inspired by Pinterest.

 The goodie bags were these little take out containers filled with candy.
 We did a ninja training course.  Here are the kids lining up for the races.
It was a successful party.  A lot of kids came and Riley had a great time.  I can't believe my baby is six.  I love him so much and he is becoming such a great kid.  We love him so much and are so lucky to have him.


Jessica said...

SOOO fun Beth!! And seriously, those cupcakes look amazing!! Along with the sushi, goodie take out boxes and bandanas!

maryp said...

That party looks awesome! So many kids too! I can't believe Ra-Ra is 6 either! He is huge! I just remembered his first ninja headband when he was a baby and I put it on him with a scrap of stocking fabric. He is a good boy. His TN family loves him! And that science fair project is cool too. Very original.

maryp said...

p.s. is he playing hard to get in that picture with Angie. Holy smokes what a cutie! Riley, that is. Well, Angie is pretty cute too.

Kristen said...

I love this!!! Thanks so much for posting these. I'm so glad the science project turned out great, and it looks like he had such a wonderful birthday. Riley is growing up so fast! Love you guys. <3